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CSR commitment

At Buathier, we want to make sustainable development a major strategic focus.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Buathier, we believe that the environmental protection and growth are complementary and necessary to be competitive. This policy and our commitment to social responsibility provide an overview of Buathier’s action within the company and for all of the interested parties. The formalization of this chart involve employees in a CSR approach. It sets out the main principles of sustainable development.

6 pillars
24 objectives

For example, on the environment pillar, we have opted for corporate life actions such as the implementation of best practices for saving electrical energy by switching-off substations, heat recovery from workshops to heat offices, reduced water consumption via a closed circuit for press cooling, LED lighting and a participative garden

We also have more impactful actions such as reducing our industrial waste and manufacturing our tools in France. In terms of working conditions, robotization initiatives have been realized to limit diseases Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), new office equipment, first-aid training for employees. We implemented a workplace well-being program (reorganization of workstations, offices, break rooms). To support our CSR strategy on the ground, we have appointed a CSR referent (Alexandre Facchin). We summarized our approach in a document display in our communication area. Since then, we have been managing our CSR action plan every month in association with our industrial performance meeting. Every month we discuss and propose workshops dedicated to 1 of our 6 pillars. We propose concretes actions and we appoint ambassadors to lead this actions. The membership and collective support of our employees enables us to implement this policy.

Global Compact France

SDGs related to Buathier's ambition

SDGs that Buathier contributes to in its approach

EgaPro 2022 Index

Gender Equality Index

Attentive to gender equality, Buathier publishes its annual Professional Equality Index.


The EgaPro indicator is a tool that enables companies to measure their level of professional equality between women and men in France.

This indicator was introduced by the Law for the Freedom to Choose One’s Professional Future in 2018.



We are certified by EcoVadis in 2023

This certification allows us to assess our environmental, social, and ethical impact according to the principles of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

We are certified ISO 9001 V2015

In other words, it is a certification that is specific to quality management system requirements.

We have been awarded the MORE label for the year 2022

This label, created the plastic fédération, is fully in line with our CSR approach, which aims to integrate sustainable development issues into our strategy.

We have been awarded the Origin’Ain label.

The Origin’Ain label as for vocation to embody the excellence of the Ain region and its entrepreneurs.

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